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Aramaic Literal Words Of JESUS.

Aramaic literal Words Of JESUS: “All Things That You Ask Straightly, Directly….From Inside my Name, You will be Given. Ask Without Hidden Motive And be Surrounded By Your Answer”.

In Our Western Bible It Say, ” If 2 Make Peace With Eac
h Other In This One House, They Will Say To The Mountain, ” Move Away And It Will Move Away”. In The Aramaic Literal Words Of JESUS: “When You Make The 2 One ( Thoughts And Emotions), You Will Become The Sons Of Man, And Whom You Say “Mountain, move Away, It Will Move Away”.
‎”All Things When They Are Admitted, Are Made Manifest By The Light: For Everything That Is Made Manifest , Is Light”. Eph. 5:13, AMEN.


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