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Holmes, Ernest It’s Up to You (pp. 93-94)

Every man is his own savior because every man has a direct approach to Reality. Let us learn to believe and to perceive and daily to announce our Oneness with God. And whenever negation comes up in our consciousness, let us declare the affirmative and know that there is One bearing witness with us, even the Spirit of God, that wherever there is light there is no darkness. Every man has the power of faith and understanding to remold and remake his life, to recreate his destiny, not by willing but by being willing to know. Not by coercion; the race is not to the fast but to the surefooted. The race is not to anyone who contends with any powers, visible or invisible, but to the one who knows. God is not afar off. “But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that thou mayest do it.”

Let us feel the direct, indwelling presence of a Power sufficient to meet every human need, and accept that It not only desires to, but that it is Its business to, when we live in unity with It. Living in unity with It is very simple—the act of acceptance, belief, acquiescence, and embodiment. Then will our Oneness with Spirit be so complete there can be no question as to what we may pray for.


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