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In today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson Neville helps us gain even more clarity, by answering this question from the 1948 lectures: ”How often should I perform the imaginal act, a few days or several weeks?”

Notice how is reply isn’t based on any outside number – it is based on your personal experience – the kind of experience we need – to give birth to our intention.  We call this The Tipping Point.

“In the Book ofGenesis the story is told of Jacob wrestling with an angel. This story gives us the clue we are looking for; that when satisfaction is reached, impotence follows.When the feeling of reality is yours, for the moment at least, you are mentally impotent. The desire to repeat the act of prayer is lost, having been replaced by the feeling of accomplishment. You cannot persist in wanting what you already have. If you assume you are what you desire to be to the point of ecstasy, you no longer want it. Your imaginal act is as much a creative act as a physical one wherein man halts, shrinks and is blessed, for as man creates his own likeness, so does your imaginal act transform itself into the likeness of your assumption. If, however, you do not reach the point of satisfaction, repeat the action over and over again until you feel as though you touched it and virtue went out of you.” – Neville Goddard

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