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Today’s Free Neville Goddard Quote and lesson are inspired by an email we got from a reader like you. It started with… “Why can’t I manifest the big important things Mr Twenty Twenty?”

You could feel the desperation and feel the frustration in her letter. She told us more, about how sometimes it worked for the little things she wanted, and how it almost always worked in REVERSE – on the things she had passing thoughts about.

So after reading her letter, I went into the silence, let it go COMPLETELY and waited for the answer. It came about 45 minutes later, when I was taking a walk, listening to Neville – I Am The True Vine.

“A seed must be let go. I can’t hold in my hand, a seed must fall into the ground and die before it is made alive. You want something big in this world? Your holding on to it, it hasn’t dropped. (That’s why the big things don’t appear – you have a death grip on them.) – – It’s the little things that you don’t care about (that do). All the little insignificant things so you feeling intensely then you drop them because the other things are so big and so important.” – Neville Goddard Quote – I Am The True Vine

Neville continues to talk about how we read the paper – have a reaction – the LET IT GO and forget about it…. then something similar shows up in our lives. The power can’t fulfill it’s destiny – the direction we give it – until we UNLEASH it – let it go – and live our daily lives.

Remember, we were given THE LAW – “what we hold in mind manifests”, for one reason – so that we can DISCOVER AGAIN that we are ONE with God – THE PROMISE. Once we get that – and learn to fully imagine and then FULLY let go – we and our world are both transformed – in an instant. Even if it appears to take time for our manifestation to occur – the perfect timing is always perfect. (More on that later this week.)

We love this lecture so much, we made a VIDEO and audio of the first part of it for you to enjoy today – Click the next link to watch it now!

Neville Goddard Quote Video – I Am The True Vine

And have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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