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Holmes, Ernest (2007-12-27). This Thing Called You (Kindle Locations 541-544). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.

It is a law of my life that wherever I go the way shall be prepared before me, made immediate, perfect, plain, straight and easy. I am compelled to see and understand every opportunity that presents itself, to operate upon it intelligently. I am compelled to take any physical action necessary to the manifestation of this word.

God must be universal Mind. God must be the power by which we think, will, and know. Therefore it follows that prayer to God is a communication with that inner Life, with that Divine indwelling Spirit, which is everywhere present, omnipotent and all-powerful. Jesus taught his disciples to pray: “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.” If you study that prayer you will find it is a straight affirmation of the presence of God, the Parent Mind, in man, for he had already said: “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Holmes, Ernest (2010-12-30). It’s Up to You (pp. 87-88). Penguin Group. Kindle Edition.


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