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Free Neville Goddard-How to Imagine With Your Body.

Free Neville Goddard Lectures - Imagine With Your BodyHey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard lesson shares two principles that we share with our clients that you are going to LOVE.

  1. How to IMAGINE with your body.  (So you get what you intend – with less resistance.)
  2. How blasphemy stops your manifesting STONE COLD.

Notice in the story Neville shares below, that the rich man didn’t just imagine inside his mind – HE IMAGINED with his body. How he slept, what he told friends and family, and notice how he did NOT let his wife stop him from manifesting the blessing.

Notice too, the lesson on blasphemy, forgetting the name of God and the I AM power, that caused him sickness and disease. More good notes below the quote.

“I was introduced to this little man who sat just one row below. Strange, weird little fellow, and then they told me his story. He had come here penniless from Kentucky. How he got the money necessary to buy a small little plot of land, I do not know, that was not told me; but he bought a small little plot of land in Ventura County. He wanted to have oil, so he would sleep on the land itself. He didn’t build some little shack – he slept right on the ground. With his head to the ground he would hear oil coming in, he would smell oil, and he would come home sometimes in the morning at 6 A.M. and his wife was distraught. “What has happened to you?” He was sleeping on the land bringing it in.

Today the man – I would say he is ten years my senior, which is 68, pushing 70 – he has no financial problems. He has given away fortunes. He is worth over six million, so he told me himself, but now he has another problem, and he has forgotten the name of God. His present problem is boredom. He goes to the track five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday. If he drops ten thousand, it’s no problem, if he drops twenty thousand, that’s no problem. But he is bored and he is not physically well, and he doesn’t remember how he brought oil into being by the name of God. When he put his head on that earth and began to listen, who was listening? If you would say to him: “What are you doing?” “I am smelling oil.” That’s what he would say. You have called the name of God. “I am smelling oil. I am hearing oil,” is what he would say. He brought it all in, but he doesn’t remember the name of God.

Now he is saying: “I am unwell.” He is blaspheming the name of God. You are told: The man who blasphemes the name of God, stone him to death.” The stone is “showing the facts of life,” so he is showing the facts of life. “You aren’t feeling well, are you?” So you see all the things in the world wrong with him, and you tell him. These are the stones, but he has forgotten and those around him don’t know. He once used the name of God wisely and brought wealth into this world. He could bring health into this world if he would use the name of God.” – Neville Goddard – His Name – Courtesy of

So, every time we state that we are UNWELL, or POOR, or struggling, we are committing BLASPHEMY.

Stop it. Stop it RIGHT NOW.

Use the name of God, “I am” wisely, purposefully, deliberately. Use it to help and to give to other people. Even those around you who don’t believe – yet.

“I am well.” “You are getting stronger.” “We are changing the world.” Use those kinds of statements, and WATCH the miracles manifest, feel your body get stronger, and know that your life is getting fuller and longer.

Have a great day, and remember, YOU are the perfect, DIVINE expression of God. Express yourself WISELY.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

PS: How can you IMAGINE with your body today? My Native American elders taught me about dancing. Rain dancing. Dancing to honor what we were going to hunt. Dancing to honor the corn crop. Dancing was ONE way to MANIFEST – to imagine with your body. Another way is to GESTURE. Imagine the pile of rubble, or the empty field. Use your BODY, your hands, to GESTURE IN, what you SEE THERE inside your DIVINE human imagination. How can you use this today? (Let us know! Whooo yah!)


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