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Today’s Free Neville Goddard lesson is a simple reminder of our role – as the GOOD SHEPHERD

“This morning’s subject is Feed My Sheep.  This is simply saying: practice the truths you have heard, for it means to shepherd the thoughts of the mind. For most of us, our thoughts are like rambling sheep that have no shepherd. We are called upon now to rule the thoughts, to rule the mind.” – Neville Goddard – Feed My Sheep – Courtesy of Free

When we look at our thoughts as sheep that simply need herding and directed, and remember that we are the Good Shepard, life becomes quite simple.    Practice directing your thoughts, not just stopping them.   Just like we learned in yesterday’s lesson – The Law of Identical Harvest – it isn’t enough to stop or wrestle with the impulse of the mind, we must direct or shepherd them.

Here is another tiny little exercise you can do – that will help you gain control over your thoughts, and to be THE GOOD SHEPHERD.

Take a few moments every day, to construct imaginal scenes for those who you love, for those who you meet, for those you pass in the street.

  • See in your mind’s eye, your Mother in Law as healthy and happy, people congratulating her on her recovery, people talking about how great she is doing now.
  • See inside your mind, you best friend, happy, healthy, productive and full of life.  Hear people talking about his amazing energy and marvelous way of life.  Here them asking him about how he became so amazingly successful.
  • Experience with full power and conviction, the IDEAL for everyone you meet, everyone you know, everyone you hear other people talk about.  Hear inside your mind, new conversations about them, about you, and about what is truly possible for us a human beings, who choose to live by the power and grace of God that we are.

Be the good shepherd that you are, and have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.

PS:  At first it’s easier for most people to ENVISION good for other people.  To fully feel the experience for them, and to let it go – to release – without attachment.  Maybe this is intentional.  This way we get to learn how to bless other people with our mind – by shepherding our thoughts.


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