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In today’s Free Neville Goddard Lesson, Neville tells us that to manifest and create the world of our dreams, that need to Formulate and Focus our mental impulses – right from the beginning – and not try to constrain or manage them AFTER they have formed.

Neville begins with the reason why, The Law of Identical Harvest.  In the Free Neville Goddard quote below, Neville states that according to this law, each will bear according to it’s own kind. Consider that your IMPULSES of thought are the SEED, that will eventually bear it’s own kind.  This is why managing or constraining your NEGATIVE FOCUSED impulses, never works.

Neville continues in the quote to share the words of Jesus, stating that the IMPULSE is what matters most – not the outward act – but the IMPULSE. Read this carefully, and we discovery why, we must FORUMULATE AND FOCUS our impulses. You’ll notice below in the PS, that Victoria and I have done that, by entering so FULLY into the STATE OF THE WISH FULFILLED, that we experience a RELEASE, a complete and total release – that leads to a feeling of RELIEF – and then the MAGIC BEGINS for us and for you.

Here is Neville:

“In the very beginning God established the law of identical harvest:  And let the earth put forth vegetation, trees yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit, in which is their seed, each according to its own kind.” Here we find that the harvest is nothing more than the multiplication of the identical seed. Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows so shall he reap.” That is this world, this law. Tonight I will show you what I have found about this sowing.”Neville Goddard – Grace Vs Law

Causation in our world is really mental…  You have heard it said by men of old, “Thou shalt not, but I say unto you,” and then he puts it on an entirely different level and not one statement conveys it more graphically than this one: “You have heard it said of old ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery, but I say unto you, to look on a woman lustfully is to already have committed the act with her in your heart.’” To RESTRAIN the impulse, that is not good enough; but not having the desire, for then you haven’t committed the act. But to have the desire, and because of the consequences of your act you restrain the impulse, that is still not good enough – the act was committed with the impulse. Neville Goddard – Grace vs Law

Starting right now, as a community, let’s deliberately design and FOCUS our IMPULSES – to build the lives we choose – by fully FEELING the feeling of the wish fulfilled – then take the next step and release them COMPLETELY – orgasmicly – so that we feel the release – and conception occurs naturally.

The bible to me is such a great handbook, when seen through the eyes of Neville, and used with the divine human imagination.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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