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n today’s Free Neville Goddard Lecture, Neville shares why we need to FEEL THE RELIEF OF POSSESSION.  We’ve been exploring that a lot here, and FELLING THE RELIEF OF POSSESSION appears to be what every successful person we model does.

POWERPOINT: Possession.  It means two things.

  1. TO POSSESS:  To have it.  That’s the first meaning.  Feel as though THE CHANGE has already happened.
  2. TO BE POSSESSED.  The second – almost always overlooked meaning is – being TAKEN IN COMPLETELY BY DOING IT. By BEING it.   Absorbed by the process..  At one with it.

Have you noticed…

I am possessed – with spreading the word of Neville – and the power of the HUMAN IMAGINATION, because I know the impact this message and this truth has.  I know how it has changed and transformed my life – and the lives of many people I know and love.

Because I have seen…

Those who are NOT IN POSSESSION… the unsuccessful ones – KEEP FORCING outcomes, in their minds and in their lives – feeling frantic – worried about what ELSE could happen.  Notice in the lesson below, how strong and how SIMPLE, Neville’s knowing is, and how that shows up in his words, and in his universe.

Here is Neville:

” All you need do is adjust your thinking. Affirm: “I am possessing it now” and persist until you feel the relief of possession. Then go about your business, knowing that in a way you know not of, you will be led to the fulfillment of what you did within yourself!  You do not have to consciously determine the series of events you will encounter; they will simply unfold in your world. You may meet a seeming stranger. Others may appear, and – upon reflection – you may even give them credit for your success; but they were only playing a part, as all things by a law divine in one another’s being mingle.” – Neville Goddard – Wonder Working Power 

It’s time mates!

  • Allow yourself to POSSESS that feeling of THE CHANGE has happened.
  • Allow yourself to be POSSESSED by that feeling and be moved by it to take action – to simply be the man / woman you chose to be too.

Life truly can rock and roll.

Have an amazing weekend,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.


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