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Jesus Taught It Too (The Early Roots Of The Law Of Attraction)

It has been said that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” It has not been said that the
poor, the sick, the depressed, the hungry, the downtrodden or even the followers of
a particular religion will inherit the earth. “Meek” simply means “showing
mildness” or displaying a “quietness of nature.” Yet for thousands of years that one
phrase has been used to justify the exploitation of millions. Humanity has been told
to suffer its lot in life because if you do, great rewards will be bestowed upon you
after death.
Religious dogma has done little to advance the cause of humanity. While followers
of various faiths have often worked to alleviate the suffering of many, the actual
institutions have been the cause of war and divisiveness throughout the ages. The
irony is that the teachings of the great Masters, which unfortunately led to
institutionalized religions, actually left wonderful roadmaps aimed at improving
both the material and the spiritual status of humanity. These maps have often been
hidden, passed over, or misinterpreted in the interests of maintain the power and
privilege of a few.
It has also been said that “all that is hidden will be revealed.” Beginning in the 19th
Century, many came forward offering new interpretations of ancient secrets, the
universe and ways for humanity to gain material and spiritual advancement. Prior
to this time the wisdom that would free humanity from its dogmatic yoke lay
hidden in secret texts; kept alive by so called “secret societies;” or even hidden in
plain sight in paintings, decks of cards, architecture and in the form of plays, poetry
and works of literature. All that was needed to unlock the guides to human
advancement were mysterious keys and codes or a willingness to explore the inner
meanings of carefully chosen phrases and passages.
The need for secrecy was mandated since those who held the reins of power were
willing to do anything to prevent higher knowledge from reaching the minds of the
masses. Inquisitions, genocides, mass torture, and all sorts of unspeakable methods
were used to prevent the dissemination of the truth and to maintain the secrecy of
this higher wisdom.
Despite all of the grand efforts to censor the truth, much has remained readily
available to those who seek a greater understanding of humanity’s relationship to
the COSMOS. After all, if the teachings of the great masters and avatars were
totally suppressed, there would be no basis for the dogma that has for so long held
sway over the thoughts of man. Still, even though “truths” have been at our
disposal at all time, it is incredible that those in power have still been able to assert
such control. Throughout the millennia those who sat at the apex of religious
institutions have been able to convince the masses that it is only they who have the
key to the meaning of scripture and verse.
Times have changed. Arising from the early teachings of Theosophy, the early
spiritualists and the “New Age” phenomena, barriers to free religious thinking are
crumbling like the once invincible Berlin Wall. In our era of instant
communication, it has become almost impossible to censor or control the spread of
new ideas and enlightened thinking.
A generally literate world population, mass media outlets, TV, the Internet,
YouTube and the dwindling capacity of religious leaders to impose penalties upon
dissenting thought has resulted in a spiritual revolution that appears unstoppable.
These institutions are under daily siege and their foundation is showing major
cracks. People are re-reading religious texts and finding new and personal
meanings in the words of the masters. Unencumbered by the chains of the
self-proclaimed moral authorities, a new found inner freedom and understanding of
spiritual thought is sweeping across the world.
We are all familiar with the name, Jeshua Ben Joseph, commonly referred to as
Jesus. His thoughts and ideas altered the course of human history and formed the
basis of the institution that became known as Christianity. This book is not about
his history. It does not address the issue of his existence, nor does it examine
alternative texts and scripture that were deleted or suppressed by religious
Since it is the accepted Bible that has formed the basis of religious dogma, it is best
to reference that which has been “accepted’’ as containing the words of Jesus rather
than to debate other possible and probable sources of his teaching. Thus the
teachings discussed in this book come from the King James Version of the Bible.
Like the “purloined letter,” the wisdom of the Master Jesus has been before us all,
awaiting a new interpretation and a new vision in thought.
Jesus was by no means the first to introduce the concept of The Law of Attraction.
If one were to examine the works of the ancient mystics it would be clear that the
Law had its earliest roots in ancient Egypt and Babylon. However, few are familiar
with the likes of the Pharaoh Akhenaton and fewer with mystical thoughts of the
rest of the ancient world.
The Jewish Kabala is another source of information on the Law of Attraction and it
is said that many “secret societies” like the Rose Cross have long kept the old
mysteries and laws alive throughout the centuries. One could just as easily focus
upon the teachings of Buddha or Lao Tzu and the Law would be revealed in that
spiritual context. Further examination of the Bhagavad-Gita and the Mahabharata
also reveal the same Laws and thus, the claim that it is universal in nature and in
The sayings of Jesus presented in this work are taken in the order that they appear
in the Bible. If they are essentially the same from one gospel to the next the
interpretation is not repeated unless some important nuance is detected. Sayings
presented are those that this author feels represent the early public roots of what
has become called “The Law of Attraction.” Upon close examination an additional
law, “The Law of Responsibility” also emerges as an integral part of the Master’s
These are my interpretations and I do not presume to be a higher authority
regarding the meanings of the sayings. By the same token, I am no lesser of an
authority. We all have the ability to seek and find the inner meaning of scripture,
regardless of religious persuasion. I make little effort to describe the context of the
quotes as in many cases; the context is inconsequential to the interpretation of the
meaning. What is important is the stream of thought that is revealed in the
teachings of Jesus with respect to the subject at hand. It is important to view the
entire thread pertaining to the spiritual laws of Jesus if one is to reach any kind of
reasonable conclusion regarding his thoughts on the subject.
There are three levels of interpretation that are employed when attempting to
analyze spiritual thought. The first level is an objective analysis. The results of this
mode of thinking are literal conclusions regarding concepts. Fundamentalists are
prone to this way of thinking. The second level is the subjective. This tends to
delve a little deeper and answers the question, “What does this passage mean to
This line of analysis is generally based upon your own life experience regarding the
concept at hand in which biases and your personal belief systems form the basis of
your conclusions. The next level is the inner or spiritual meaning. It is here that few
travel as most have been told the meaning by a pastor or priest. It requires the
removal of personal bias and conditioning and demands that the mind open to the
influx of deeper spiritual insight. It is the inner voice that speaks at this level and
the result is often personal revelation. The historical accumulations of such
revelations that have been consistent throughout the ages form the body of works
that we know of as “The Secret Teachings.”
The Law of Attraction is not just about the acquisition of things. Much of the
recent criticism surrounding such phenomena as the film and the book “The Secret”
is that the concept is egocentric and too materialistic. Yes, the Law of Attraction
does deal with humanity’s material needs and desires but it also focuses upon
humanity’s spiritual needs. Detractors, utilizing the scare tactics of old, attempt to
cast this idea as anti-spiritual, something other than godly and bordering on satanic.
At first glance the first quote discussed would appear to support the contention of
the critics.
“Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise.”
Many are probably familiar with the story when Jesus threw the money changers
out of the Temple. Some would say that based upon the above, that material things
have no place in spiritual teachings. Out of context with the entire stream of
thought it could be argued that detractors are correct. Even though the plate is
passed every Sunday, and the Catholic Church is one of the richest and most
powerful organizations in the world, they would say that things of this world
should be shunned.
However, there is another way to look at this quote and that is that Jesus was
talking about our own consciousness and that, in that context, Jesus was saying that
when you are focused upon higher spiritual thoughts, it is appropriate to not be
concerned with the troubles, the cares and the physical burdens of your life. To
think clearly one must remove the “merchandise” or excess baggage from the mind
in order to gain a clear focus. This is a part of any true meditative state and enables
one to focus upon the work at hand.
“Say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto
you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.
And he that reapeth receiveth wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both
he that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together.”
This is perhaps the first saying that directly begins the discussion of the unlimited
abundance that is readily available to all. Fundamentalists will be quick to claim
that this is a reference to the “word of God” and has nothing to do with material
needs and wants. That is one interpretation and it is also partially correct, but one
must bear in mind that Jesus also ate, drank and sustained his material body with
material sustenance.
The powerful people of this world would have us believe that resources are limited
and that we must be thankful for anything that we have. Religious authorities, who
are often awash in worldly riches, also promote the scarcity of resources fear but
promise that greater riches will be awarded to those who are faithful to their
doctrine. After all, if everyone sought the riches of others, conflict would arise. In
fact, this has historically been the case.
The Age of Exploration was all about finding gold and wealth. The Colonial Age
was about controlling the resources of other “less advanced” nations. Many will
recall the Nazi demand for living space and the Industrial Revolution generated
war and conflict as the corporate machines demanded the natural resources of
others. We are all too familiar with notion of the “have and the have not’s.”
Jesus is saying that there is no scarcity. All that we could possibly desire is already
available and waiting to be claimed. The money is in the bank in our name and all
that is needed is the withdrawal slip. Who is “he that soweth?” The sower is the
mind. The disciples did not see the fields ripe with harvest with their physical eyes
and Jesus was telling them to lift their eyes, open their minds and with their inner
vision truly see and visualize the harvest. Abundance is always available.
Of course, because we live on the physical plane we are also the reaper of the
harvest. We must take physical action to reap the harvest we have sown with our
opened eyes and our mind. This is the art of visualization. See what is desired not
in the future but in the now. See what is desired as manifest in the now and develop
a mindset that is ready to harvest the mental crop. Jesus did not say, “See the
harvest being planted.” He did not say, “watch the crop grow.” He said, “The fields
are ready to harvest.” When the mind and the body work together, when mind and
matter work as one, we will have all that we need as long as we live. There are no
limits, there is no scarcity and there is no need to take from others since all that we
desire is available in the mental fields that are “white with harvest.” What you see
in your mind you attract on the physical plane.
A “judgment” is a final decision. There is much confusion regarding the following
quote as many have interpreted the lines in terms of the passing of a verdict or a
condemnation. On the contrary, this saying is at the heart of the Law of Attraction.
“JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be
judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”
Let’s rephrase the saying with the concept of a final decision in mind. Do not make
a final decision so that a final decision is not made about your life. Whatever you
make a final decision about is the course your life will take. Whatever you decide
about the world, that is the way your world will be.
The law of Attraction says that what you hold in thought and imbue with emotion
and intent is what will manifest in your life. If you have made a final decision that
the world is a place of pain, suffering and despair, then that is how the world will
be measured back to you. If you hold in your mind disease, that will be measured
back to you. If you hold in your mind poverty that is what the world will return. If
you hold hatred, bigotry, violence and failure, these things will be in your life. If
you hold fear, then your life will manifest all things that you fear.
How often are we admonished that appearances are deceiving? How often do we
perceive an event in a negative way only to discover that it was a blessing in
disguise? Have you ever felt dislike towards a person only to later become best
friends? Have you ever been disappointed about a job loss only to end up with an
even better job? When we close our minds to new information and new ideas, we
close off the manifesting power of the Universe. When we say that this is the way
life is, the Universe continues to reinforce your final decision about life and
provides all the things and events that go along with that decision. Life isn’t fair?
Times are tough? I do not know what to do? The world is out to get me? I’ll never
get out of this rut? I am not smart enough? I do not have enough money? I am not
attractive enough? If any of these are your outlook on life, the Universe will return
to you a life that contains most if not all of these decisions.
We never have complete information. Even in science what is true today is
superceded tomorrow. What would have happened if the early sciences were held
to be true and as a result, further research was halted? Nothing that we know today
would exist. There would be no heart transplants, no vaccines, no CAT scans, no
x-rays, and no progress in all of the areas of technology that we take for granted.
Science remains open and positive about its own progress and yet, when it comes
to our personal lives, we form opinions and judgments and final decisions and
remain passive in the face of “fate” to the point that only an act of God will change
our minds. It is only when we open to the influx of new ideas and concepts that the
Universe offers a variety of ways to provide for our needs and desires.
Jesus healed others because he refused to accept the illusion. He made no decision
based upon appearances and saw what we would call the sick as whole and well.
He held in his mind the truth that we are all whole and his thoughts became
manifest. If he had judged the sick to be sick, he would not have been able to
manifest the truth. This is the same with each of us. If we see through the illusion
of pain and suffering we are in a position to assist ourselves and to better serve
those in need. If we see the world as a place filled with infinite possibilities and
opportunities, then we open ourselves to those possibilities. If we judge something
as evil or bad we actually create a reality that contains evil and bad. If we see
someone suffering and adopt an “oh poor you” attitude, then we have judged that
person as beyond repair.
Does this mean that you lose all compassion? On the contrary, it means that by
seeing the poor as wealthy, the sick as whole, the depressed as happy and the
wicked as good we create a new vibration that can bring those qualities into
existence. You have to ask yourself, which is more compassionate, feeling pity for
the suffering or actually creating a reality where suffering does not exist?
Incidentally, this is why we are admonished to be “born again.” Enter each day
with new eyes and no preconceived notions. Enter the day with an expectation that
all will be right and the Universe will fulfill that expectation. This is not easy. We
are the products of a conditioning that fills our subconscious mind with the
“merchandise” of the world. We carry over into each morning all of our hopes,
dreams and fears. But day-by-day we can make progress and with each step the
world becomes a brighter place.
Look adversity in the face and say “no,” you no longer control the way I perceive
life. I will not decide if what is happening is positive or negative. I will let the
Universe unfold new ideas and new opportunities and will see each moment as an
opportunity to learn and to grow. I lack complete information and what may appear
to be negative may be the best thing that could happen to me. Gradually,
day-by-day, old thought habits will diminish and a new paradigm, a new outlook
on life, will bring more positive events into your life.
“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the
gospel. Repent: for the kingdom of God is at hand.”


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