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Today we want to take Neville Goddard’s free lesson one step further and explore, “What am I?

When you get that GOD is IMAGINATION – and not a judge or a cranky old man – GOD WILL grant you richly – like Solomon – BECAUSE you finally allow him to.


And when you get WHAT YOU ARE – and how IMPORTANT you are in CREATION – you will live life to the max!

I tell you: everything is possible to the individual when he knows who he is. You are the Joshua of the Old Testament and the Jesus of the New. And Jesus, your own wonderful human imagination, is Jehovah. He is your awareness, but as long as you see Jehovah as someone other than yourself you will not apply this principle. You must be willing to give up all foreign gods, all idols, and return to the one and only God, whose name is in you as your very being! – Neville Goddard – Wonder Working Power – Courtesy of

Victoria and I today had A DREAM COME TRUE by remembering and applying this principle.  You’ll be reading about that later this week.   What I want you to think about NOW, is this, “What if you got that YOUR VERY BEING is….. what Neville says it is above?”

If you got this, you would eliminate guilt, fear, shame and endless stress from your life.   What if you IMAGINED GETTING THIS TRUTH at a whole new level – STARTING right now?   Imagination BUILDS what we call reality.  Start IMAGINING this FIRST.  Put first – THE KINGDOM of God, getting that it is truly WITHIN you – and notice how your life transforms.

Time to rock and roll!

Leave a comment below mates, and share us on Facebook etc.  Thank you!  (It really matters, and it means HEAPS to us.)

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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