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Neville Goddard lesson is on the power of FAITH.

You will notice Neville tells us to REMAIN LOYAL to that UNSEEN REALITY, and that once we do that, a bridge of incidents is woven – that takes our SUBTLE thoughts and turns them into ROCK SOLID REALITY.

So the major key here is to NOT BE DISTRACTED, and have the ability to FOCUS ENTIRELY on what you want.

“So, this is what I mean by faith. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for.” You hope for it? Well, now, the assurance is faith. Faith is not going to make it so. Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality. You know what you did? Well, now, that’s unseen by mortal eye. Now, you remain loyal to that unseen reality, and see how this bridge of incidents is woven, and you do not consciously devise it. No man can consciously devise the incidents necessary to lead you to the fulfillment of what you’ve done. Well, this is what I mean by faith. The very substance of what the world calls real is unseen. It’s unseen reality.”

Thank you for being a member of our Neville Goddard Community.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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