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Today’s Free Neville Goddard quote helps us remember that we have to OCCUPY AND FERTILIZE the the STATE we want – before it can be set in stone

Notice how Neville says, that every vision has it’s APPOINTED HOUR, that comes after HAVING FERTILIZED it.  Fertilized is in the past tense, it has been done.  

We were just talking about this power in our recent mastermind.   Release is ORGASMIC, and it has to happen before the fertilization of the human egg – and seems to be the same process needs to happen inside the human mind before what we imagine can be given birth to.

And if RELEASE doesn’t happen, the energy that should be an orgasmic release with creative power, turns into a  Frantic / Frozen kind of thinking – that blocks the creative act.   (You can listen in to a short snip of what we explored here:  Manifesting with the Orgasmic Power of Release

“You and I are free to imagine any state in the world, and imagining that state we can occupy it. Occupying the state, we fertilize it; having fertilized it, it has its own appointed hour for fulfillment.  Every vision has its own appointed hour it will flower; if it seems long, wait for it – it is sure and it will not be late.  Some things will grow overnight, and some things will grow in a week, then in three weeks, and then in a month, and some things will take years. It could be a problem over which we seem to have no control. We have told you the story here, where on one occasion it took five years, but oh! the joy of reaping the fruit then. I have told you unnumbered stories where it took intervals of time, but it doesn’t matter, if we apply the principle.” – Neville Goddard – from the Lecture SUMMARY – Courtesy of

It seems like eliminating FRANTIC energy, and using the orgasmic power of RELEASE is exactly what the effective followers of Neville do. When I listen to the voice of Neville, I feel his energy. It’s not frantic, it moves forward like an orgasmic wave. Building up, and releasing. “Into the silence”.

Thank you for being a member of our growing community. We are changing the world, every single day, new members are showing up here, all because of you.


Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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