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Neville Goddard-Forgiveness

Today’s Free Neville Goddard Lecture teaches us about forward giving. I want you to as you read the lecture quote, consider “forgiveness” as FORWARD GIVING. It’s a simple, yet ancient concept – which free’s us – and those we love – from the past – and opens us up to the power of the DIVINE IMAGINATION.

When we hold a SEEMING other in mind IN A VERY POWERFUL AND POSITIVE WAY, we give to them, as we give to ourselves. Feeling peace and power for another, generates it inside of us. And remember too, feeling PITY or ANGER for another – or any other limiting emotion, creates the same feelings and vibrations with each of us, and in our body chemistry as well. – Mr Twenty Twenty

Enjoy the lesson and Neville Goddard quote below, and thank you for being a member of our growing community. And make sure you read the PS below, it’s a reply to an email we got from a community member this morning.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“As you forgive another by thinking of him as you would like him to be and persuading yourself of the reality of your imaginal act, you are forgiving him for what he appears to be by putting him into an entirely different state. Do that and you are substituting a noble concept for an ignoble one. That’s forgiveness! Forgiveness tests the individual’s ability to enter into and partake of the nature of the opposite. A priest will say: I forgive you, yet when he passes you on the street he remembers what was confessed. If he can remember, he has not forgiven! The memory of what was done or said must be replaced by something else, so that the former can no longer be remembered.” – Neville Goddard – from Imagination Fulfills Itself


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