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Imagining Creates by Neville Goddard

Today’s Free Neville Goddard Lessonis the next to final in our study of Imagining Creates – available on Neville reminds us of how we began to IMAGINE and ASSUME who we are NOW. It is the very same process, that we can use today assume and be who we choose to be.

I remember when I began teaching kempo karate as a teenager, no body saw that coming with my personal history. I was born 3 months early, weighing just over 2 pounds. Sickly growing up, almost getting held back in school because I was absent so much one year. Picked on and quiet, I was more of a book worm.

Then something magical happened. I IMAGINED myself as fit, and healthy. I saw it not just as a possibility, but as a REALITY for me. I began to study healing, herbs, nutrition, and taking KEMPO karate lessons. Within a YEAR I was teaching at the local YMCA. Within 4 years, I was getting ready for my first black belt ranking, and was well known for my expertise.

Long before “it happened”, I remember IMAGINING being congratulated by my friends and peers. I remember imagining being one of the best competitors in the United States. I remember imagining finding the best people to train me. And guess what, I did. But it did take persistence. It did take commitment.  It took me most importantly to STOP IMAGINING myself as I was – and to use that same IMAGINATIVE POWER to see me – as who I chose to be.

Thank you for reading my story, if it has touched you, leave a comment below. And here is Neville:

“Have you imagined something and it hasn’t come to pass? Then what are you imagining right now? Are you imagining you are John Brown? You were not born knowing you were John Brown. You were born and others began to call you John. As time passed you began to assume you were John Brown and began to respond when you heard the name John. When you imagined being secure did you forget the feeling? Are you imagining you are secure now? You may have no evidence that you are secure, but as you allow others to tell you how much you are loved and wanted, how successful and famous you are, you will begin to assume it, and imagination will have created its reality. Try it, for that reality you already are! Now let us go into the silence.” Neville Goddard from Imagining Creates – Courtesy of


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