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Awakening The Power Of A Modern GOD by Gregg Bradden

The Essene Mirror of Relationship
The lost gospel of Thomas from the Nag Hammadi Library, this first mirror is identified
with a single sentence. It simply goes, “You read the face of the sky and of the earth but you
have not recognized how to read this moment.” The author of this quote is saying that we spend
our time trying to interpret the world around us, in our past and our future, and we haven’t
even recognized what the very moment, the present, is saying to us. This is a reference to the
most obvious of the mirrors, the mystery of the first mirror of relationships, the mirror of the
What I found over the years is that when the subject of mirrors comes up in conversation,
this first mirror is the one that’s commonly identified. This is the mirror that says to us when
we find ourselves surrounded by people or situations or circumstances where we see a lot of
anger, people are frustrated, they’re negative, they’re difficult to work with, this mirror suggests
that those around us are reflecting us, our own anger, our own frustration, our own negativity,
our difficulties.
This is the most direct of the mirrors. It simply suggests that if you don’t like what the
world is showing you in a given moment, look to yourself because there’s a good chance that
others, as individuals, groups, and situations may be reflecting back to you the very patterns
that you’ve become within yourself. Sometimes these are patterns that you identify so strongly
with that it’s hard to even recognize them in yourself.
For example, the need to control is a great example of this kind of mirror. When you find
yourself in a situation where you need to control the conditions around you, what you’re saying
is that you need to control the external factors of life to feel safe in your world. This is not right,
wrong, good or bad, it simply is a pattern, we’re looking at how it’s expressed. So if you’re a person
that feels the need to control your world so you are safe, there’s a good possibility you’ll
find yourself in situations where others are going to try to control you in varying degrees. You’ll
find yourself in a job situation with supervisors that micromanage every moment of your day.
You’ll find yourself in families with children that interpret your family rules as control upon
them and they will resist them to the ‘nth degree. You’ll find yourself in friendships and surrounded
by people that need to set the parameters, everywhere you go, everything you do, if
you’re going to have a night out, they’re going to plan everything down to the moment socially.
Perhaps even in your own family you’ll find issues where one person has to control all the
finances, all the checkbooks, all the authority. And again, none of these is right, wrong, good or
bad, they are simply ways of understanding in the world around us what we may be expressing
from within us.
This first mirror is the most obvious, it’s the most direct. And it simply suggests that the
quality of events surrounding you in any given moment in time may be reflecting specific
beliefs that you hold in that moment of time. Often simply by recognizing the mirror, this is all
that’s needed for the charge that brings that mirror to you, the magnet that draws those relationships
in, to dissipate and those that control you, you’ll find will fade from your life.
Exercise: What’s in the Mirror?
Take some time to think about the relationships in your life right now. Is there a consistent
pattern of behavior? Can you identify something that drives you crazy, and yet everyone in your
life seems to demonstrate that behavior? Think about it, and write it here:
The people in my life consistently seem to:


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