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GOD Your Maker by Neville Goddard :

“By a mental adjustment you can think from the awareness of being the
person you want to be. How will you know you have changed? By the
expression on the faces of your friends. If they now see the new you,
then you have moved. So let them look at you until their faces tell
you they are seeing that which you are assuming is true. There must
always be a frame of reference from which you move. Your frame is
your friends, who would know of any change in your life. If I died,
motion would be detected, as one friend would call another, who would
call another, and finally dozens of people would know that Neville
had died. If, on the other hand, I became a millionaire, that same
chain reaction would occur. After assuming you are now what you want
to be, make your friends your frame of reference by hearing them
congratulate you. Feel the reality of their actions. Relax in the
peace of knowing it is done. And when it comes to pass, you have
found Christ.”


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