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“All things are made by your imagination, for without imagining,
nothing is made. Imagination is not limited to this level of
consciousness. There are levels and levels of imagination, as your
dreams and visions prove. This world is sustained by Divine Imagining,
which is human imagining on a higher level. Our imagination is keyed
low, but we are called upon to exercise this power, to examine
ourselves to see if we are keeping our faith. On this level, faith
is not complete until, through experiment, it becomes experience.
Experiment with this statement: “Whatever you desire, believe you
have received it and you will.” (Mark 11) If faith is not complete
until, through experiment it becomes experience, you must take an
unseen objective and place it in an assemblage of mental states
which would imply its fulfillment. Then this desire must be
activated by entering into its center, feeling its reality, and
walking in the faith that it will happen. I tell you: in a way you
could not devise, what you have assumed will come into your world.”


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